Estate Planning

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you can make for both you and your family. And now that you have purchased your home, it is equally important to protect your estate, other assets, and your families future. 
In the event of the unfortunate passing of a loved one, your property must be disposed of by law. Without a will legally documenting your final wishes, a person is said to have died “intestate” and the Florida law will determine how your property is distributed along with your other assets. However, having a will gives you control over how your estate is distributed instead of the State laws.  Wills  also  name a guardian for your children, name an executor (who is in charge of executing your will), forgive debts, and  in some cases avoid probate all together. Don’t let the government decide when you can be the judge.
As an attorney and mother of our two children, my wife’s top priority is helping our clients have peace of mind by drafting a detailed estate plan for their future. Contact us today for an estate plan drafted specifically for you.
Yarah Dalmau
Estate Planner

Yarah Dalmau

After earning my Juris Doctorate from FAMU college of Law in downtown Orlando, FL, I met my husband. We now reside in Longwood, FL and are raising two beautiful boys. What I love most about earning my Florida Bar license is the ability to help my community. I knew I wanted to help other families stay out of lengthy and stressful court battles. By drafting wills for my clients, I help others limit unnecessary litigation while executing your loved ones final wishes. This is already a difficult situation to navigate through but having a blue print left for your families can make the process
little easier. Knowing your loved ones final wishes are handled per their specific bequests brings some honor to their final wishes.